Doomed And Stoned Festival
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Ripple Music

One of the world’s leading record labels for Heavy Psych, Stoner, Doom, and Heavy Rock!

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The home to Mothership, Wo Fat, the Watchers, The Necromancers, Gozu, Roadsaw, Freedom Hawk, High Priestess, Fire Down Below, Kingnomad, Nekromant, Planet of Doom Soundtrack, Steak, Salem’s Bend, The Judge, Arrowhead, ZED, Blackwulf, LDDSM, Mos Generator, Stone Axe, Devil To Pay, Ape Machine, Craneium, Witchers Creed, Cities of Mars, JPT Scare Band, Poobah, Stubb, and more to come!

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Music that refuses to be ignored!

Distribution via MVD distribution (North America) with world-wide outlets via
UK – Plastichead
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France – H’Art
Benelux – Suburban Marketing & Distribution
Italy – Goodfellas
Scandinavia – Border Music
Spain/Portugal – Altafonte Distribution