Doomed And Stoned Festival

Hollow Leg

Hollow Leg, a duo now quartet, is an enormously toned groove engine hailing from the highways between Deland and Jacksonville, Florida. Their first full length, Instinct, from late 2010 and released independently, was an action blown forth by their inherent strengths of freedom and creative escape housed within its lyrics and riffs. Since their incarnation as a duo Hollow Leg has held live performances akin to Sleep and Eyehategod cooperatively steering a runaway freight train through the center of a volcano.

Their forthcoming LP, Abysmal, adopts different devices in lyricism and composition. Motifs include the pushing and pulling of depression, love, murder, and the struggles with addictions thereof and otherwise. Sonically, listeners will hear a jagged saw blade of songs fried in the same oil of bands like Clutch and Orange Goblin without neglecting their hypnotic half-timed turn arounds. Consequently, the addition of Scott Angelacos & Tom Crowther of Junior Bruce add a hefty low-end bulk and crunching vocal extension not found in Instinct.

The tying bind continues with Hollow Leg’s affinity for the roots of American Blues music and English metal. That love outpours with angst, pessimism, and a creative fighting spirit forged from the scope of working class musicians.