Swamp Ritual


Swamp Ritual was formed in basements out of a long time idea between Sid LaTray and Dustin Fugere. Starting as a jam/cover two piece, Swamp Ritual has evolved into one of the most prominent heavy bands in the state. Duel bass stacks, giant toms, and excessive use of overdrive shape the sound of the duo which can always be felt as well as heard. After playing regionally and tightening the original sound, Swamp Ritual recorded their first CD Ritual Rising in the summer of 2015 and have released it independently October 2. Described as "six tracks of pure amp-worshipping joy, with a healthy heaping of bluesy groove and stoner verve."-Billy Goate. With plans to tour and continue the releasing of material, Swamp Ritual hopes to only progress further and further.

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